Heavy Equipment Operator

Program Overview

The Heavy Equipment Operators Program will be focused on the operation of a variety of heavy equipment and other critical components of heavy equipment operation in the construction industry. Classroom training will be using curriculum from the National Center for Education and Research (NCCER) earning NCCER Certifications. Classroom will also be using CAT Simulator Training, Applied Technical Math, and Applied Communication. This program will also offer a unique lab setting on property throughout Lawrence County performing actual site preparation.

Length of Course:

The Heavy Equipment Operator program is a one year program consisting of 1265 clock-hours. Classes meet Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.

Job Opportunities:

This program is endorsed by the Operating Engineer of Ohio ( Local 18 ), KY (Local 181, and WV (Local 132). They will be selecting and interviewing qualifying students who complete the program for placement in their respective apprenticeship training program. (based on their needs). Graduates are employed by local contractors,water companies, cities, and municipalities.

Placement Services:

WorkForce Development Resource Center provides placement services to graduates of all full-time programs. A representative from WDRC is available to speak with each class before graduation to assist students with the registration process for job placement. WorkForce Development Resource Center is located at 120 North 3rd Street, Ironton, Ohio

** Costs are subject to change

Please read Admission Procedures
The pre-entrance Exam is required for the program - see Work Keys link for more information

If you are concerned about being able to make required scores and you would like to "brush up" on some of your skills prior to the pre-entrance exam, the Collins Career Technical Center's ABLE program is available for tutoring services Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-4:30pm.

Individuals with a passing score on all parts of the pre-entrance examination will be mailed an application packet for admission into the Cardiac Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. The application must be completed (in full) before the admission date (the last Friday of May) of each calendar year.

Description Hours
Electricity Semester One
  • Program orientation and electrical safety
22 hours
  • Introduction to industrial safety/electrical safety
22 hours
  • Electrical energy fundamentals
66 hours
  • Electrical fundamentals. series and parallel circuits
88 hours
  • Alternating and direct current and induction motors
202 hours
  • Total Hours
400 hours
Electricity Semester Two
  • Ohm's law, applying to voltage,current
88 hours
  • Installing boxes as applied to blue prints
88 hours
  • Planning circuits
88 hours
  • Wiring, types of raceways and cables
88 hours
  • Electrical troubleshooting/Tools And safety
110 hours
  • Reading blueprints/electrical symbols
38 hours
  • Total Hours
500 hours
Electricity Program Total   900 hours
Description Hours
Electricity II (Optional) Semester One
  • Orientation electrical safety
22 hours
  • Electrical safety in the workplace
16 hours
  • Service entrance
108 hours
  • Appliance wiring
132 hours
  • Swimming pools/water proof boxes
64 hours
  • Electrical remodeling
58 hours
  • Total Hours
400 hours
Electricity II (Optional) Semester Two
  • Circuit breakers and fuses
62 hours
  • Low voltage circuits
132 hours
  • Motor controls and circuits
200 hours
  • Hand bending conduit
48.5 hours
  • Mobile home wiring
57.5 hours
  • Total Hours
500 hours
Electricity II Program Total   900 hours

Program Stats