Student Services

Student Services

Student Services Mission Statement

The Student Services Department does a lot more than scheduling at Collins Career Technical Center. Our staff is dedicated to the students of this school and are willing to do everything it takes to help our students achieve their career goals.

Our mission is to provide information and resources that foster academic, social, and professional growth – both collectively, and for each individual member of our learning community. Through consultation and collaboration, we offer preventative, responsive, and developmental programming designed to create a healthy school climate in which students, families, and school personnel work together to achieve outcomes beneficial to a healthy society.

Special Education Statement

In collaboration with our associate schools, CCTC is committed to providing high quality services and offering a wide range of educational options for students with special needs. General education and special education services are provided at CCTC to any student for whom a need is determined, including but not limited to: Individualized Education Plans, 504 Plans, or English as Second Language (ESL) Plans.